Abraham Was Not A Jew!

By: Pastor Matthew Dyer

Most “Judeo-Christians” would probably raise an eyebrow and cock their head if they heard someone say “Abraham was not a Jew”. But it is a fact! Abraham, Isaac, and yes, even Jacob/Israel was not a “Jew”. The only people that were truly “Jews” or better translated Judahite, were Israelites from the tribe of Judah. Not all Israel!

Jacob/Israel had twelve sons, and they became the twelve tribes of Israel. So an Israelite born into the tribe of Dan (one of those 12 tribes), was not a “Judahite”, but rather a Danite. So many people in the churches today call all of Israel “Jews, and even people like Abraham. When in fact the only true Judahites (Jews), where those of the tribe of Judah.

Above is a cartoon from the famous newspaper cartoonist Robert Ripley known for for creating the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! newspaper panel series. It was published September 26th 1929. Robert Ripley knew enough of the Bible to know Abraham was not a Jew, unlike most people today. I imagine he received some backlash from this cartoon, but it was true none the less. Below is another column I found as well in response to his cartoon that was published a month late.

The below column was written by someone who must of never read the Bible, and didn’t understand anything about the 12 (or sometimes called 13) tribes of Israel. The religion known as Judaism was not in existence at the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or even King David for that matter. What we know as Judaism as a religion is nothing like the religion of the Israelites in the Old Testament. One need only read the Babylonian Talmud (Judaism’s “Bible”) to understand this.

In closing, Martin Luther was defiantly a protestant (One who protest against the Catholic Church), and George Washington was defiantly a American (One born in America).

Symbols of the 13 Tribes of Israel – Plus the House of David

For more information concerning the Israelites, please watch my video series concerning Israel on Youtube:

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