God’s Chosen Documentary – Trailer

God’s Chosen is a documentary type presentation I am currently working on that will be about Abraham and his descendants the Israelites. It will cover their history from the giving of the Abrahamic Covenant all the way up to modern times. I do not have a date on when this project will be complete, but hope to have it complete in the next few months. This video is a preview/trailer of that presentation. Please subscribe and stay tuned.

Faith Hall of Fame: Part 2


Faith Hall of Fame: Part 2
In this message we discuss Enoch and his faith. Not much is known about Enoch, but we do know he was righteous and walked in the ways of God. In this message we discuss the question did he really die or does the Bible teach he was raptured to Heaven before the Flood. I also discuss the book we have today called the Book of Enoch, and whether or not it is inspired scripture.