The Church Problem In America

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America has a Church problem! No, not because of a lack of “Churches” but rather America has too many churches. Now many will think that is a non-Christian thing to say, but hold on a minute! Because what we have today in America that most think is “Church” is not the same thing the 1st century Christians had, and it is the main reason America is in the shape it is in.

3 thoughts on “The Church Problem In America

  1. Here in Nashville, TN a couple of weeks ago, I was driving the freeway and a huge obelisk atop a church caught my eye. Reminded me of Nimrod and his Tower Babel among other things. Very sickening sight to see. Yes. Too many churches, not enough truth.


  2. Hi Pastor. Just listened to your Ecclesia vs Church teaching on YT……. …….The following information will be of good use for you and your following. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to “THE NEW HAVEN COVENANT”

    I tried several times to share the links on YT but they got blocked by bots.

    God/Yah bless you this fine day,

    Renee La Chapelle

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