Recommended Websites

Disclaimer: The material on the website comes from a variety of sources, therefore the views expressed may or may not be scripturally accurate, or may be a different point of view. We as Christian’s are ever growing in Word of God and may have good knowledge in one area and still growing in another. So please “study to show thyself approve” before God and read the Scriptures to see if what is being said is so.

Americas Promise Ministries
(Outreach of Pastor Dave Barley of the Lord’s Covenant Church in Sandpoint, ID)

Truth in History
(Outreach of Pastor Charles Jennings)

Your Biblical Heritage

Tearing Down Idols
(Active Youtube and Bitchute Channel)

Bible Mastery Boot Camp
(One of the best Bible courses out there! A must have!)

Mission to Israel
(Weekly sermons, books, and much more.)

Sacred Truth Ministries
(Largest catalog of good hard to find book!!)

Pastor Sheldon Emry Library

Col. Jack Mohr Library

Christian Israel Archive Youtube Channel


Christian Identity Ministries
(Australian Ministry)

Artisan Publishers
(Good book resource!)