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Christian America Ministries Worldwide radio broadcasts can be heard on shortwave radio every Friday at 6pm-7pm EST on WBCQ Frequency 7.490 MHZ. These broadcasts are also aired LIVE via our YouTube Channel and and are archived below and on Youtube, Bitchute, and Rumble. Christian America Ministries Worldwide weekly radio broadcast are formatted as a Christian talk-show where Pastor Matthew Dyer and a guest discusses a topic related to Scripture, History, or current events and how it impacts us today in the 21st Century.

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Shortwave Schedule:

  • ·Friday March 10th – Discussion on Bible Food Laws – Should we keep them?
    Guest: Pastor Kevyn Reid Website:
  • ·Friday March 17th – Discussion on the lack of Biblical Masculinity in America
    Guest: Pastor Rusty Thomas Website:
  • ·Friday March 24th – Discussion concerning is Book of Enoch Scripture
    Guest: TBD Website: TBD
  • ·Friday March 31st – TBD
    Guest: TBD
  • ·Friday April 7th – Who are the Gentiles?
    Guest: Andrew Wilson
  • ·Friday April 14th – Discussion on the “Serpent Seedline” Doctrine
    Guest: Paul Maitrejean Website:
  • ·Friday April 24th – TBD
    Guest: Karl Tester Website:

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