Christian America Ministries Shortwave Broadcast

Christian America Ministries broadcasts on Shortwave Radio every Friday at 6pm-7pm EST on WBCQ Frequency 7.490 MHZ. Broadcast can also be listened to via the internet at the link below, and will be archived below and on Youtube, Bitchute, and Rumble. Our AIM webcast will slowly be combined with this weekly program.

WBCQ 7.490 Internet Stream:

Shortwave Schedule:

Friday December 2nd – Interview with Dr. Lawrence Blanchard concerning the harmful effects of Vaccination. We will not be discussing just the Covid19 shot, but all the other one’s folks take.

Friday December 9th – Interview with Pastor Ted Weiland on Romans 13, and whether or not we as Christians are commanded to obey the Governments of the world according to the Bible.

Friday December 16th – Interview with Pastor Charles Jennings on the Anglo-Israel Message, and what is it, and why we believe it.

Friday December 23rd – Interview Pastor John Weaver on the Biblical Doctrine of Self-Defense.

Friday December 30th – TBT

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